Secure Engineering. By Design.

When you don’t have the time or expertise to ensure that your systems are designed and implemented for Safety, Security and Resilience.

 You wouldn’t build a house on a shaky foundation.

Why is it OK to build critical infrastructure on one? 


Opswright brings the heritage of operations subject matter expertise to manage risks in critical infrastructure, ensuring that effective security design principles are applied using business consequences driven design. You don’t need more tools, you need secure design builds that are contextual to your needs, that can evolve with an ever-changing threat landscape.

Ready To Get Started?

Securely Engineer With Us

Reduce costs and secure your core with Opswright. Secure engineering does not have to be expensive.

Consequences Understanding

We leverage system profiles and core business understanding to map to what matters most to your business. Focusing on the consequences that can disrupt your core mission.

Product Security Overlay

Providing product security native hardening guidance, to keep engineering simple, reducing complexity and improving security.

AI Suggested Controls

Opswright’s deep experience in artificial intelligence provides suggestions to engineered controls, but does not lock you in. We learn together what works from best practices from your peers.

Why the name Opswright?

Shipwrights and other craftsmen were long considered to be the penultimate artisans in their craft. It is our belief that somewhere along the way in cybersecurity, defenders started to lose their grasp on how to build secure systems in favor of compliance-oriented approaches. While this may be a valid method when there is a misalignment of understanding between security and business objectives, we believe that deeper understanding of contextual relationships to security objectives lends itself to a more effective approach to risk management. The methodology we have developed creates Opswrights of us all, enabling operators to focus on what matters.


Our founders have multiple decades of operational technology and information technology security experience, having founded or participated in programs from ISA, OWASP, NTIA, DHS, INL and many others. We have seen what does not work, and this is why we founded Opswright, to foster “Secure Engineering. By Design”

"Getting back to core engineering and reducing tool bloat feels great!"

– Electric Power CISO