About Us


Opswright is obsessed with securing critical infrastructure through better engineering. That is our core mission. We achieve this through security intelligence and automation.

Core Values

We’ve been working in the industry a long time. We know there’s a lot of ways to operate a cybersecurity startup and from the very beginning we knew we wanted to be different.

To the right you will see a list of our core values. These are not just words, they guide our thoughts and actions daily. They help us align our business strategies and hiring decisions. 

Above all, we value people, employees, customers, external business relationships alike. We believe that if we treat others with respect and foster a culture of growth and excellence we will all prosper. There are no shortcuts to culture. 



When we can be proud of our actions we are better humans, and others will trust us. Be truthful and value others truths. Show the world that we can illuminate the fog. Always communicate openly, but respectfully when exploring truths. The objective is transparency, not ego.


Strive to be the best, always. Be proud of the work that you do. Some of our best employees started with zero experience. Some are industry veterans. When we are the best, others will see it and want to work with us. It makes us all better, together. Design Security in all things.


Passion for the mission – Opswright is not a job for the faint of heart. We are here to save the world. Critical infrastructure is at risk, and many are not equipped to win the fight without help. Opswright empowers defenders to illuminate their own truths and understand where to shore up defenses.


We are one team, regardless of job function. We are all important. We demand the best, but do not suffer egos lightly. Respect is a core tenet, and requires communication, mutual understanding and we hope, a sense of camaraderie that naturally occurs on teams such as ours.


This manifests in many ways. Sometimes our customers just want the friction removed, sometimes they need hand-holding. It is our job to discover their needs and fulfill them, never assuming we know better than them. They are important too, and we will value their input and listen and serve.

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If you think you have what it takes to join the team, or just want to learn more about Opswright, please fill out the form on this page.

We are always looking for likeminded people to join the Opswright mission to secure critical infrastructure through better engineering.


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