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Asset Owners

Asset owners constantly struggle with quantification of risk, and keeping up with the manual work required to secure their environments. After all, their primary job is delivering power, clean water or producing critical products. Opswright helps asset owners focus on their core mission, delivered safely and securely.

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Validated Security Design

You’ve just hired an expensive design engineering firm to propose a new site. How do you know that security is built in? Perhaps they’ve complied with the relevant compliance standards, but how effectively? Can you quantify the actual risk to your plant?

Opswright helps asset owners understand the true weaknesses in their operational design, laser focused on what matters most to your business. We understand the connection point between what you need to survive, and what your adversaries want to accomplish and recommend right-sized approaches to meet your objectives. And when you review that construction project design, you will have the tools available to validate that design against your security objectives.

Low Cost

Engineering work is costly, and typically represents a large O&M cost unless its included as part of a capital construction project. That’s why we typically recommend design work early in the process, but what if you need to secure legacy environments and align with regulatory cost structures? This can be a nightmare with very limited O&M funds.

Opswright works with design engineering firms and asset owners alike at the start of these projects, but also provides tools that represent comprehensive multi-year value for a fraction of the cost to ensure that security can be accomplished for very reasonable budgets. And for some usage scenarios, may be cheap enough for a purchasing card. Let’s get you back to your core mission, without unnecessary sales and budgetary friction!


Cyber security workers are in demand and hard to find. Whether its your core focus, or you are looking for a differentiator, adding additional cyber intelligence creates opportunities for you to help ensure your customer’s networks are resilient and their critical functions remain optimal. With a foundation based on Department of Energy’s Cyber-Informed Engineering, your security design will always follow industry best practices for securing critical infrastructure.