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Engineering Firms

From water, to manufacturing to energy solutions, engineering firms are services oriented organizations that are constantly fighting challenges with staffing, consistency of results, and how to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Opswright provides the tools needed to optimize your operation and help you provide the best customer experience possible, all at a very attractive price.

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Regardless of your firm’s focus, cyber or controls engineering, one of the key challenges is how to deliver services in a consistent and sustainable way. We all come from different perspectives, but wouldn’t it be great to learn from each other and deliver services as the sum of all our parts, not just the engineers who were assigned on that project?

Opswright provides a collaborative team with a secure sharing approach and AI-based learning model that allows you to take advantage of insights from your peers and deliver collective intelligence about what works and what doesn’t in a manner that is contextual to your project and your customer’s needs


Scaling labor-intensive services like security assessments and design workshops is challenging, especially for very small engineering firms. And it creates waste even for larger firms. What if there was a better way?

Opswright allows for asynchronous work to be shared so your engineers can work when you need them to, from anywhere in the world and the intelligence provided natively in the platform ensure that you don’t need as many resources working on the project. By streamlining the workflows you already rely on for design and threat modeling, you can stop using Excel and start delivering results!


Cyber security workers are in demand and hard to find. Whether its your core focus, or you are looking for a differentiator, adding additional cyber intelligence creates opportunities for you to help ensure your customer’s networks are resilient and their critical functions remain optimal. With a foundation based on Department of Energy’s Cyber-Informed Engineering, your security design will always follow industry best practices for securing critical infrastructure.