Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Collaborative Solutions

Opswright pushes real-time security intelligence and information about product security hardening, as well as suggested threat scenarios and control recommendations to ensure you are always considering security in your design. We think that at the start of a large capital project is the right time to do this, but even for legacy environments, the value gained by focusing on security by design ensures that we can reduce the attack surface and the costs f4rom bolt-on security controls. Anyone can be an Opswright with the right tools. What are you waiting for?

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Engineering Firms

From water, to manufacturing to energy solutions, engineering firms are services oriented organizations that are constantly fighting challenges with staffing, consistency of results, and how to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Opswright provides the tools needed to optimize your operation and help you provide the best customer experience possible, all at a very attractive price.

Asset Owners

Asset owners constantly struggle with quantification of risk, and keeping up with the manual work required to secure their environments. After all, their primary job is delivering power, clean water or producing critical products. Opswright helps asset owners focus on their core mission, delivered safely and securely.

Electric Power

Encompassing electric power generation, transmission and distribution across nuclear, hydro-electric, renewable energy, coal and more, electric power operators are tasked with keeping critical infrastructure running. With more stringent regulations than almost any sector, security engineering challenges can be overwhelming.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas operators, including upstream, midstream, downstream, petrochemical and more are deep;y connected to electric power, critical manufacturing and transportation industries. Regulated by TSA directives they are now seeing some of the same pressure as electric power, but Opswright remains ready to support the core engineering challenges that go deeper than compliance.

Water and Wastewater

Water is the lifeblood of all life, and every sector depends on water. Wastewater too is directly linked to modern sanitation and the health and safety of all citizens. Water frequently does not have the advantage of budgets other sectors enjoy but Opswright remains ready with the cost effective solutions required to secure our water industry

Critical Manufacturing

From medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, to military manufacturing, semiconductors and more, the products that power the world are produced here. They are frequently the target of nation state adversaries and ransomware and as such need strong security engineering to ensure continued safe and productive operations. See how Opswright is making a difference.


Whether rail, maritime, trucking or air transport, without the movement of good, the other critical sectors cannot refuel, perform maintenace, troops cannot move, and much of our infrastructure comes to a halt. The enemy knows they can inflict great hard by shutting down the movement of such materials. Opswright stands ready to secure the exposed infrastructure that spans the world.


Without the defense of a nation, private industry remains at a disadvantage to defend against foreign nation states. The defense capabilities of our nation keep our enemies careful, but frequently suffer from bureacracy that can slow them down. Opswright ensures that the nations defenses are secured against attackers so they can stand ready to defend all of critical infrastructure.